'3 Easy Ways to Get Your Dog to Stop Pulling on the Leash -

5 Surefire Ways To Show Your Dog You're The Boss
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Dear Dog-Owner,

I can tell you're taking me out for a walk because I hear
that familiar jingling of what you call a leash.

It's probably the most exciting sound I hear all day so
you'll have to excuse me if I get a bit impatient and
restless as you fasten the leash to my collar.

And yes, please forgive me if I charge out of the door and
begin dragging you down the street while you clasp onto dear
life holding the other end of the leash. You see... there
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are certain things I need to do in the short amount of time
we're outside and we've got to get moving fast! But before
we go, I'll let you in on a couple of secrets...

Now, I shouldn't be telling you this, because the next door
neighbor's dog is going to be mighty upset if the word gets
out. So promise me you won't mention it to him' Ok then.

There are three surefire things you can do right now to stop
your dog from "walking you" down the street instead of the
other way around...

First, hold the door open and then just let your dog pull
and strain against the leash until (s)he realizes that you
aren't going to begin the walk until your dog settles down.
Now, it might take a while so just be patient.

Second, after placing the leash onto your dog's collar, walk
him/her around your house, the back yard, the garage -
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Life .....
anywhere EXCEPT outside for a normal walk.

Third, there's a little known fact that makes the first two
steps "stick" so that your dog learns to stop pulling on the
leash quickly and permanently. And you'll be surprised when
you find out what it is.

It's used by professional dog trainers all over and it's
something they'll charge you hundreds of dollars to learn.

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Yours in Success,


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