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I was walking outside to open the front gate in front of my complex and saw two guys training a beautiful large German Shepherd dog, in front of my neighbor's house.

They were both professional dog trainers that my neighbor had apparently hired to come by and train his dog when he's at work.

I introduced myself and proceeded to watch.

See, the funny thing about many dog trainers is that they have an ego, and their ego often prevents them from accepting help from people who haven't already demonstrated superior skill. Perhaps not a bad policy.

But whatever.

Anyway' the first fellow was standing and talking with me, and out of the corner of my eye I was watching the second fellow work with the dog.

They'd taught the dog to hold a "down-stay." But the problem was, they hadn't successfully taught the dog what "come" means, and that it's okay to get up from the "down-stay" when the handler calls you to come.

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The problem was, the second fellow was calling the dog to come, and while he was doing it, he was inadvertently bending forward and clapping his hands. And then he'd move a little closer to the dog--all the while bending forward.

The dog didn't move.

"Come, Enzo. Come, Enzo. Come on, come on'"

The dog still didn't move.

So, I asked the first fellow if it would be alright if I gave his assistant a tip that I knew would help to communicate with the dog that it was alright to get up and come to the handler.

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I told him--the same thing I'd written about in my book (which you can read about at:

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