Common Foods Harmful To Your Pet

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You may be surprised to find out which common foods we use almost daily can be harmful to your pet. It is important that you keep these foods away from your pet to ensure that they remain healthy and well. The challenge, of course, is to 'pet-proof' your home, family, children or guests, to ensure that these foods are not made accessible to your pet. If your household is like mine, that can be a challenge from time to time! Here is a list of potentially harmful, but commonly used foods, to your pet:

'Alcoholic beverages
'Apple seeds
'Apricot pits
'Cherry pits
'Chocolate (all kinds)
'Coffee (all kinds)
'Grapes (recently found to contribute to kidney failure)
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'Hops (used in home beer brewing)
'Macadamia nuts
'Moldy foods
'Mushroom plants
'Mustard seeds
'Onions and onion powder
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'Peach pits
'Potato leaves and stems (green parts)
'Rhubarb leaves
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'Tea (caffeinated)
'Tomato leaves and stems (green parts)
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'Yeast dough

As a dog owner, after learning that my pet has consumed some sort of commonly used food or product in my household, have wondered what it's potential for harm or toxicity might be, this list helps to resolve some of the mystery. There are numerous Internet resources with more information about harmful foods or plants, but these should not be consulted if your pet has already eaten something potentially harmful. It is important that if you find your pet has consumed something harmful that you contact your veterinarian or animal emergency services as quickly as possible to get instructions and care where needed.

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