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Size: Giant
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Weight: 38 ' 56 kg (85 ' 125 .....
Training your dog can be time consuming and frustrating at times, but it's well worth it. Here are several tips that should help things go much smoother and faster... plus reduce the frustration both you and your dog feel!

Conduct "play training" where by the training tasks are made into fun games and your dog's play drive is used as motivation. There are a lot of really good books available on this type of training.

Intelligent dogs can also be stubborn, so you may have to outwit them!
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While training your dog, you have to make him want to do what you want him to. You can't make him do stuff unless it is fun. Otherwise you are wasting both your time and his.

Try to make your dog's training so fun that it becomes his or her favorite activity. This will make learning much easier and more enjoyable.

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Most dogs love to play! You can make your dog the happiest just by spending some time with them, giving your undivided attention each day. Without this, your dog will feel ignored, bored, or think they're in trouble. When this happens they're more likely to chew, tear things up, and not listen to you.

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