German Sheperds

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People love big, protective and loving dogs and that's why there are a lot of german sheperd breeders. The German Shepherd is sometimes called an Alsatian because that's where they originated in Germany. Many Germans still called them Deutscher Schaferhund because of their original sheepdog function but the breed is not very old and was really developed from a variety of sheep herding farm dogs in the late 1800s. In 1899 Max von Stephanitz, a German cavalry officer, was president of the first German Shepherd association in Germany. Since then German Shepherds have turned up all over the world and they came to the USA as early as 1908 where they were popular with the Red Cross, the police and as guard dogs. This was partly because they are extremely loyal and courageous dogs and they are very intelligent and retain specialized training for a long time. Temperament is what ensures the usefulness of the German Shepherd and since this comes from good breeding it is essential to find a good and reputable breeder. With a bad temperament these dogs are a disaster. They are highly territorial and will know and recognize their people and place by about six months of age. This is when their protective loyalty starts to show itself! There are many german sheperd breeders and you should have no problem finding a good one, but just remember that they come in a range of colors and will protect you no matter what!
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They have proved a popular breed over the years for use in both the police force and as guard dogs for security companies. They have a very acute sense of hearing which means that they are invaluable to anyone wanting to protect both themselves and their property.Because they are a large dog they are a very useful deterrent against theives.

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